Step One: Summarize

Download a short One Page PDF Flyer that reviews all of the important details about TAIC PART 2008. Please consider sending this flyer to your students and colleagues.

Step Two: Subscribe

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Step Three: Describe

Tell others about TAIC PART 2008 by placing the following HTML source code into your own Web site!

  	<div align = "center">
	<table width="40%" cellspacing="5">
	<td width="10%" align="right", valign="center">
	<b>Upcoming Testing Conference</b>
	<td align="left">
	<a href = "">
	<img src = "" 

Depending upon the style sheets that you use in your Web content, you should see a logo that looks like the one below.

Upcoming Testing Conference

Step Four: Repeat

Tell your colleagues about TAIC PART 2008 and regularly visit the Updates page for more details about an exciting software testing conference.