Call for Fast Abstracts

TAIC PART 2008 solicits fast abstracts that explore software testing and analysis techniques. The fast abstract track enables the publication of short papers that describe late breaking results or works in progress. This TAIC PART track is an ideal venue for PhD students who are interested in feedback about dissertation research that is in its formative stages. While fast abstracts are not published in the IEEE conference proceedings, the two page papers will be available for download from the conference Web Site and authors will present their papers alongside the other TAIC PART authors. Fast abstract topics include, but are not limited to, the following areas:

TAIC PART solicits fast abstracts that focus on the testing and analysis of software applications that include, but are not limited to, the following types:

Paper Evaluation and Formatting

All papers will undergo a rigorous examination by at least two members of the program committee. The program co-chairs and the program committee will provide thoughtful and fair reviews that furnish detailed insights into ways for improving and extending the papers. All submitted abstracts will be evaluated according to (i) technical merit, (ii) relevance to the conference themes and goals, (iii) clarity and organization, and (iv) potential for generating interesting discussion. The results described in the submitted abstract must be unpublished and should not be under review at other workshops, conferences, or journals. To ensure conformity with the regular papers, the fast abstracts should be formatted using the IEEE conference style format. Including all references and figures, a fast abstract must not exceed the two page limit.

Fast Abstract Proceedings

The full text and presentations of the fast abstracts will be published in a special section of the TAIC PART Web site. Fast abstracts will be available for individual download or as part of a compendium that contains all of the abstracts, presentations, and bibliographic materials. Since fast abstracts are not copyrighted, they may be subsequently published in conference proceedings or journals. Authors of the accepted fast abstracts are encouraged to submit a revised and extended version of their paper to TAIC PART 2009.

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